About Me

Kayla Garcia resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She was born in Bay City, Texas, in 1983. She is the oldest of 5 siblings. Kayla was the first person to attend college in her family. She graduated from Meredith College, in Raleigh, NC  in 2014, with a bachelor's degree in studio art and a minor psychology. In 2014, Kayla was hired as a  Medicaid fraud investigator for the state of NC, while working as a full time artist. In August 2019, Kayla became a resident artist at Litmus Gallery & Studios, in Raleigh, NC.


My Medium

Kayla works primarily in oil and acrylic paints on canvas and uses soft pastels for drawing. She utilizes items such as diamonds, pearls, and paper mache on canvas to create mixed media pieces. Kayla is also known for sculpting skullheads and portrait busts in clay.


My Inspiration

After surviving breast cancer in 2018, Kayla has been inspired by the bonds she shares with her friends, family, and pets. She paints portraits of passed loved ones and animals. She also focuses her attention on more whimsical subjects and designs and is mostly drawn towards pop art and surrealism.
Some other themes present in her works include her strong urge to create awareness on substance abuse and sexual and domestic violence.  She is at a place in her life where her work must be brutally honest and personal.  She finds it emotionally invigorating to work this way, and with a stroke of a brush her audience can feel the message she wants to send. Kayla portrays the inner realities of the lives of victims of aggression, broken promises, and grief through her use of mixed media materials, paint or clay, while using saturated color and large scale works.  She visually gives power back to the once powerless.   Her main goal is for the viewer to leave with a clear understanding of what it is like to live and breathe in the world she has lured them into.  

       Some artists she is most inspired by include Dali, Picasso, Rembrandt, Pollock, and Warhol.

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